Conducting scientific research, scientific modeling

Conducting scientific research, scientific modeling, development of microfluidic devices

We have extensive experience in research efforts.
The company's employees have published dozens of scientific papers on physics, optics, biotechnologies in highly rated publications: Nature Biotechnology, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Optics Communications, Biomedical Engineering, etc., as well as received several patents for inventions.

Scientific projects:

  • Development of a platform for pathology diagnostics based on plasmonic biosensors and analysis of nanoparticle trajectories
  • Development of diagnostic methods and technology for creating a device for rapid analysis of geometric and electrokinetic parameters of non-spherical nanoscale objects in liquid dispersions based on multi-angle static, dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering
  • Development of technology and organization of production of a system for high-precision and multiparameter early diagnosis of infectious diseases using fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals
  • Modeling kinetics aggregation asphaltenes
  • Calculation of the electrokinetic potential of nanoparticles of various shapes
  • Multi-spectral visualization of particle motion trajectories in liquid dispersions

How do we work with the client?

We speak the same language with the client. The company employs specialists with extensive practical experience from various industries (physical & mathematical modeling, programming, instrumentation, aerospace instrumentation, biotechnology), which allows to solve complex and non-standard tasks.

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