Analytical and medical equipment

Product development and production

Application: immunology, biosecurity, veterinary medicine, medicine, biology, scientific research

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Mission statement

We develop products and technologies that solve people's problems.

Projects overview

Aivok LLC develops and manufactures analytical and medical equipment, as well as single optical and electrical modules. Software development. Scientific research.

We guide each project through its lifetime.

  • developing
  • prototype
  • mass production
Image Description
Image Description


  • Optics
  • Microelectronics
  • Microfluidics
  • Registration of optical radiation of low and ultra-low intensity
  • Software development
  • Scientific simulation


Development of customized solutions

Разработка электроники

Разработка программного обеспечения

Мелкосерийное производство оборудования

Проведение научных исследований, научное моделирование

Измерение размеров и дзета-потенциала наночастиц в жидких дисперсиях




QuattroPlex is an open platform for multiplex immunofluorescent analysis (up to 30 pathogens or infections can be analyzed simultaneously).

Application: immunology, biosafety, veterinary medicine, scientific research.


We have developed optics, electronics, fluidics, data analysis algorithms, Linux software, case design.


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Multiplexing and Speed

Multiplex detection of pathogens or infections can dramatically speed up the time of analysis

Flexibility and scale

Infections diagnosis in humans and animals


We manufacture devices and reagents in our own facility

Affordable price


Biolumix multiplex immunoassay kits for QuattroPlex instruments.

Application: immunology, biosafety, veterinary medicine, scientific developments.


We have developed biochemical components of the kit, data analysis algorithm and kit package design.


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Compact and affordable thermocycler for PCR analysis.

Time saving
Despite its small size, TERMIX has a maximum heating and cooling rate of 2°C per second

TERMIX is affordable at only $1000.

The heated lid allows PCR to be carried out without the use of mineral oil. The user-friendly graphical interface makes it possible to configure the thermal cycling program very easily.

Ramp rate: max 2°C
Temperature range: 10°C to 100°C
Lid temperature range: 50°C to 120°C
Display: Color LCD 1.8”
Dimensions: 160mm x 100mm x 100 mm
Weight: 700g
Power supply: 16V
Capacity: 16 wells (200 uL tubes)

Extra small
TERMIX does not take up much space on your desk and it weighs the same as a bottle of soda.


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