Personal PCR thermal cycler

Super-compact thermal cycler TERMIX

The super-compact Termix DNA amplifier measures 16×10×11 cm and weighs only 1 kg. This is an economical personal amplifier, simple and easy to operate; height-adjustable heated lid allows flat and round lid tubes to be used and PCR can be performed without the use of mineral oil.

Delivery set: Termix DNA amplifier, power supply unit, power cord.

Контрактная разработка электроники под ключ включает в себя следующие задачи:


Super-compact thermal cycler. Rapid heating up to 2°C per second. Ultra compact size 160x100x100 mm. Developed: electronics, thermal stabilization algorithm, case design.


The price is 3 times lower than foreign analogues (85 thousand rubles).
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