Microcentrifuge-vortex SPINNIX

Microcentrifuge-vortex SPINNIX

Microcentrifuge vortex SPINNIX SP-2700 is designed for centrifugation and mixing of samples in one device.

It is used for research in the field of genetic engineering, for PCR diagnostics, biochemical, immunological and environmental studies, industrial biotechnology laboratories.

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Standard equipment

- Microcentrifuge-vortex SPINNIX SP-2700 1 pc.

- Rotor R-1.5M for 12x1.5/2 ml tubes 1 pc.

- Rotor R-0.5/0.2 for 12x0.5 ml + 12x0.2 ml tubes 1 pc.

- Rotor SR-64 for 8 strips 8 x 0.2 ml 1 pc.

- Fuse (220-240 V, 250 mA) 1 pc.

- Operating instructions, technical data sheet

Additional accessories

- Rotor SR-16 for 2 strips 8 x 0.2 ml

- Rotor R-2/0.5/0.2 for 6x2/1.5 ml + 6x0.5 ml + 6x0.2 ml tubes

- Rotor R-2/0.5 for 8x2/1.5 ml + 8x0.5 ml tubes

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